The premiere workplace bullying consulting. At Work Doctor, we specialize in defining the root causes of workplace bullying. Services cover: speeches, books & videos, expert teams, and training.

Workplace Bullying is serious abusive conduct that destroys workers' health and productivity and undermines your organization's success.

  • • Leaders must commit to stop workplace bullying
  • • It's not a "personality clash," or conflict
  • • It is non-physical workplace violence
  • • Our solutions are better than Anger Management and training

Rely on our research-driven solutions, honed from 16+ years working solely on this topic. We are the recognized originators of the Workplace Bullying consulting field. We are the experts and authors of The Bully-Free Workplace.

Our services:

Speeches | Policy & Procedures | Team Training | Complete Solution | Expert Witness


1-day Train-the-Trainer Seminar

Deliver awareness-raising presentations - $1,500.
Sessions in Bellingham, WA or onsite
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