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The Bully-Free Workplace

Stop Jerks Weasels, and Snakes
from Killing Your Organization

by Gary Namie, PhD & Ruth F. Namie, PhD

From the Foreword

Gary and Ruth Namie are heroes. No one has worked harder, longer, and more successfully to stem the tide of workplace bullying in the United States and beyond ... This book brings together their wisdom, passion, dedication to hard facts, and relentless attention to practical solutions ... Many crusaders become so wrapped-up in their goals that they lose the ability to make fact-based decisions and to give valid advice. The Bully-Free Workplace does a splendid job of avoiding this problem, bringing the most rigorous evidence available to the table.  Robert I. Sutton, Stanford Professor and author The No Asshole Rule
  • • Why the personality of the bully pales in comparison to organizational factors that encourage and sustain bullying
  • • How to justify taking action against bullying for bottom-line fiscal rewards, productivity, employee health, talent retention, and positioning as an employer of choice
  • • Why you shouldn't leave a bullying issue to HR departments, and why the issue should be handled by an organization's CEO
  • • Why you should trust the reports from the trenches, and how to cope when a trusted colleague is the culprit
  • • How managerial and supervisory expectations without the benefit of specific training can lead to disastrous results

"The book is both highly informative and extraordinarily well written. The writing is interesting, understandable, and to the point, with case illustrtations that are riveting. Once I started reading the "Bully-Free Workplace" I couldn’t put it down."
Len Sperry, MD, PhD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin. Co-Author of the forthcoming Mobbing: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions.

Bullies don't have to throw a single punch to do lasting damage to another person's health -- or your business's fiscal health. Nearly 14 million adults in America are currently being bullied, and millions more are experiencing the degrading effects of witnessing that treatment. Bullying prevents work from getting done and undermines your mission. It only satisfies the perpetrator's personal agenda at the expense of people, productivity, and passion. The simple truth is that businesses need to address bullying to protect the bottom line.

The Bully-Free Workplace delivers a thoughtful and detailed plan to stop weasels, jerks, and snakes from killing your organization. Written by pioneers of workplace bullying research, this book tells you why and how to create an explicit policy against bullying. It appeals to those managers who value people and who are willing to challenge employers to adopt that value. The Bully-Free Workplace outlines a step-by-step program to correct and prevent workplace bullying. You'll get in-depth advice along with information to support your efforts, including:

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