The premiere workplace bullying consulting. At Work Doctor, we specialize in defining the root causes of workplace bullying. Services cover: speeches, books & videos, expert teams, and training.

The Work Doctor® Blueprint
Our Complete Workplace Bullying
Prevention, Correction & Education

Blueprint is a comprehensive set of services that enables each client to customize an intervention based on the severity and spread of the problem, in line with reasonable budget limits. Of course, bullying is very costly. Investing in its prevention will payoff benefits that far outstrip our modest consulting fees.

  • • Prevalence Assessment for your organization
  • • An Anti-Bullying policy written explicitly to mitigate abusive conduct
  • • Enforcement Procedures applicable to all employees at all levels
  • • Expert Team Training to sustain your anti-bullying initiative
  • • Integration with Current Systems

Self-Guided Policy Writing Group DVD

Our newest DVD is the Policy Writing Guide, a self-guided program providing your organization with the most thoughtful, comprehensive and compliant (with future state law) Policy and set of Procedures possible. Priced to help small businesses as well as large enterprises.

This DVD is the substitute for in-person group facilitation by Dr. Namie. Instructions and sample terms are provided that allow the designated Policy Writing Group to create the most comprehensive set of policy provisions, informal solutions, and formal enforcement procedures possible. No boilerplate works. Policies are not one-size-fits-all. Our process results in a policy specific to your organization in a single day. Purchase online:

On-Site Policy Writing Facilitation

Dr. Gary Namie facilitates your designated Policy Writing Group through a 2-day proprietary process to create the policy with formal and informal enforcement procedures. Our unique, in-depth expertise anticipates pitfalls for traditional interventions. We create innovative investigatory processes and remedies. This results in 4 deliverables: policy, informal solutions, formal complaint procedures, and education rollout plan. Call for a consultation: 360.656.6630

Respectful Conduct Clinic

For identified offenders, destructive, abusive individuals. Not etiquette school or "anger management." Accountability. With or without policy in place. No travel involved. Read more about the Respectful Conduct Clinic.

Quantitative Assessment

Using our 3rd-party survey data collection website. We collaborate with you on item construction, enabling comparison to national prevalence rates. See the 2014 prevalence.

Post-Bullying Recovery Day

A giant step toward healing after ending the reign of terror that the bullied targets and coworker witnesses endured. Details of this new service.

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