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Workplace Bullying Recovery Day
For Team Validation and Restoral of Trust

After the Bullying Stops
An On-Site Program

According to the WBI 2014 U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey, only 28% of employers take positive steps when confronted with workplace bullying.

When good employers do remove abusive supervisors and coworker bullies from the units where they did their damage, the emotional aftermath must still be dealt with.

Witnessing coworkers are also affected by the negative, toxic environment to which the bullied target and they were exposed.

Work Doctor created Recovery Day, a one-day on-site program, to clarify the experience for workers who suffered bullying together as a team. Recovery Day is about validation of the shared experience. After a 1 hour group introduction to the factors responsible for the bullying, individuals voluntarily meet with Dr. Gary Namie during the remainder of the day to personally and confidentially discuss their personal experiences. The conversations are validating and healing.

From the employer’s perspective, Recovery Day marks the beginning of the post-bullying era for that particular work team. The emotional aftermath of the bullying can linger for a long time. For individuals traumatized, ending the experience cannot be hurried. Ignoring or denying the emotions is a common employer mistake. Recovery Day satisfies individuals’ need to be believed and understood. Trust and safety are restored. Productivity can return.

The fee is only $3,000 for any sized group. For this Work Doctor service, our consultant’s travel expenses are included in the U.S. & Canada.

“The Recovery program sends the message that the employers has shifted to a no-tolerance view of bullying,” declared Dr. Ruth Namie. “And because the employer showed concern employees are likely to be loyal and engaged again.”


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