The premiere workplace bullying consulting. At Work Doctor, we specialize in defining the root causes of workplace bullying. Services cover: speeches, books & videos, expert teams, and training.

The Blueprint solution to workplace bullying works in any industry. However, schools need the support of their boards in order to ensure acceptance, compliance, enforcement, and sustainability. The Work Doctor consultants will make sure your school board understands the bruising impact workplace bullying can have on educational systems, and the vital need for anti-bullying policies and enforcement.

We are well aware of the severe budget restrictions facing public school districts at this time. In light of the pressure to control the budget, we are willing to negotiate with districts bold enough to tackle workplace bullying. For small school districts that jointly serve a single geographic region, we can offer to provide the Project for the Co-Op (or Consortium) for a combined fee that minimizes the expense for each of the participating districts.

The investment in the reduction of violence among adults in the district need not be measured solely by our Project’s cost. Our services can decrease the potential for lawsuits, and therefore save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. We are willing to work with cash-strapped districts by reducing our costs. Without compromising the quality of our services, the client district can stay within budget and still reap significant benefits from the avoidance of costly litigation.

The Blueprint Solution