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Dr. Gary Namie is a masterful professional speaker. As the founder of the U.S. Workplace Bullying movement, this social psychologist, researcher, author, and consultant brings to audiences an unrivaled perspective on every aspect of the phenomenon, from an individual focus to organizational to societal.

His work is informed by research and content, not fluff. Though he taught college for 21 years, he's no "egghead." He won national and campus teaching awards. Dr. Namie was an HR corporate Director of Training and incorporates his 29 years of consulting experience into his engaging speeches.

Never boring. Entertaining. Thought-provoking. Motivating. Inspirational. But not a contrived "motivational" speaker.

Others cite Workplace Bullying Institute principles and research to portray themselves as "experts." Invite in Gary Namie, the originator. Dr. Namie travels worldwide to speak.

One day includes up to 5 contact hours, in any combination of presentation formats or custom audiences.

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Dr. Matt Spencer, is our expert on adult bullying in school districts. He wrote Exploiting Children: School Board Members Who Cross the Line in 2013. He brings over 30 years as a public school administrator to inform his expertise in workplace bullying. Dr. Spencer is available to speak to associations of school-related professionals. Dr. Spencer is located in the Los Angeles area.

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