The premiere workplace bullying consulting. At Work Doctor, we specialize in defining the root causes of workplace bullying. Services cover: speeches, books & videos, expert teams, and training.
Train Your Team of Internal Experts
in Workplace Bullying
for Long-Term Success

As veteran consultants, we are completely aware that many suppliers convince companies with "Fads of the Month"-type services. They are mostly unnecessary, expensive and quickly shelved and forgotten. The binders collect dust. Cynical employees bet how long it takes management to buy into the next useless program.

The phenomenon of Workplace Bullying -- a.k.a. health-harming abusive conduct or psychological violence -- is much too serious to become a "Fad." Its ability to endanger employee health, halt all positive productivity, demoralize an entire work group and politicize the workplace requires more of a commitment than buying a binder-driven, band-aid program.

Work Doctor created this consulting specialization and is convinced that organizations that successfully address bullying, then keep working to prevent and correct it, rely on more than a great Policy and Enforcement Procedures. They realize that HR alone cannot be the home for an anti-bullying initiative that needs to survive in the long run.

We trust an internal group of designated altruists to become the ones responsible for sustaining the commitment. That group is trained on-site for 3 days using a curriculum much like our premier training program -- Workplace Bullying University® -- with most of a day devoted to logistics. The group becomes an Expert Peers Team (EPT), masters of the nuances of workplace bullying, internal policy and procedures and the law. In turn, the EPT serves all other employees in a variety of ways -- clarification of the bullying experience, triage to mental health professionals, educators, interveners and personal coaches regarding the impact of bullying on personal lives and the workplace.

The second way to equip a designated internal team with requisite skills is to send two or more representatives to one of our regularly scheduled Workplace Bullying University® sessions in Bellingham, Washington. Attendees can bring home the expertise to train the Team themselves.

Expert Teams complement policies. Expert Teams, over time, transform cultures. Expert Teams sustain anti-bullying initiatives across changes in administrators and executive teams. Expert Teams are trusted by employees.

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