The premiere workplace bullying consulting. At Work Doctor, we specialize in defining the root causes of workplace bullying. Services cover: speeches, books & videos, expert teams, and training.
The Toolkit For Employers and Unions
To Raise Awareness of Workplace Bullying
1-Day On-Site

You are here because of your leadership status to finally address workplace bullying in your organization or for your clients. Few have the courage to honestly deal with it because it is complex, highly political, and emotionally charged. You are one of the brave few.

1: As Train-the-Trainer

A 1-day session for workplace audiences who need to educate others through awareness-raising sessions. The seminar is designed for leaders of organizational initiatives to combat bullying and to increase trust and engagement. This program is an alternative to the more intensive 3-day Workplace Bullying University.

Materials for this Toolkit Seminar include slides to create your custom awareness-raising talk, key video and audio clips, a copy of The Bully-Free Workplace by Drs. Gary and Ruth Namie, and the Work Doctor® DVD Raising Employee Awareness (a $395 value).

Trainee group size is limited to 30

Trainees will be able to:

  • • Raise employee awareness about all aspects of workplace bullying
  • • Develop a comprehensive education plan
  • • Make a compelling business case - ROI, increased productivity, success -
       to justify the internal campaign
  • • Recommend best practices for eliminating bullying at work

Read Dr. Namie's qualifications.

2: A Day-Long Group Presentation

The alternative is to arrange for a group -- staff, managers,leadership, the internal task force, or a mixed group -- to get an in-depth review of several aspects of workplace bullying. Up to 5 contact hours.

Audience size is unlimited. Materials limited to handout.

Ideal audiences for this program:

  • • Managers and Supervisors
  • • HR professionals
  • • Training professionals
  • • Union Reps, Stewards & Officers
  • • Employment Law Attorneys
  • • Risk Managers and Financial Officers
  • • Employee Assistance Professionals

The seminar covers the forms of workplace bullying, the reasons these types of abusive behavior occur, the impact of bullying on people and organizations, and the costs and consequences of the negative conduct.

Note: If you want multiple shorter presentations in a single day, request Speeches.

Dr. Gary Namie is the facilitator. The day starts by introducing the topic of workplace bullying, its causes and consequences. By days end, you will be equipped to deliver your own awareness-raising speeches and be able to guide the planning/steering group to eliminate bullying at work.

Fees. $7,500 + travel


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