The premiere workplace bullying consulting. At Work Doctor, we specialize in defining the root causes of workplace bullying. Services cover: speeches, books & videos, expert teams, and training.

Work Doctor Consultants

The Drs. Namie established the Work Doctor® consulting firm in 1985 and delivered a variety of business consulting services until 1998. Since then, the firm has worked only on employer solutions to correct and prevent Workplace Bullying. The Namies' professional background, consulting experience and unwavering focus on Workplace Bullying give them an unrivaled, comprehensive perspective of the phenomenon which they introduced to the U.S.

Gary Namie, PhD

Gary is a social psychologist and widely regarded as North America’s foremost authority on Workplace Bullying. In 2007, 2010 & 2014, Dr. Namie wrote, and Zogby International conducted, the most frequently cited, largest-ever, scientific U.S. survey of Workplace Bullying. Along with his wife, Ruth, they wrote the popular books, The Bully-Free Workplace (Wiley, 2011) and The Bully At Work 2nd ed. (Sourcebooks, 2009). He has 21 years university teaching experience in management and psychology, including the University of Southern California. He was a corporate manager for two regional hospital systems. He won national and college campus teaching awards. He now directs the only U.S. research and education organization with a focus on bullying at work, the Workplace Bullying Institute. The media regard Dr. Namie, after 1,200+ interviews, as the go-to expert. He leads advocates to enact the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in US states. He serves as expert witness in bullying-related legal cases. Work Doctor®, the consulting firm, originated the Workplace Bullying specialization in consulting.

Ruth Namie, PhD

Dr. Namie has a doctorate in clinical psychology. Her personal experience became the impetus for the U.S. workplace bullying movement. She is now the definitive expert on the devastating effects of bullying on targeted workers. She and Gary wrote the popular books, The Bully At Work and The Bully-Free Workplace (Wiley, 2011). The Namie’s articles are published in the Journal of Consulting Psychology, International Journal of Communication, Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal, Ivey Business Journal, Journal of Employee Assistance; and contributing chapters in the books Destructive Organizational Communication and Workplace Bullying: Development in Theory, Research and Practice. She co-designed the Work Doctor Blueprint to Prevent and Correct Workplace Bullying program, drawing from her experiences as Training Director for Sheraton Hotels, Hawaii and in human resources. In 2008, Ruth and Gary developed the first-ever intensive training program for professionals to achieve mastery in all aspects of the phenomenon -- the WBI Workplace Bullying University®.

Matt Spencer, Ed.D.

Dr. Spencer joins the consulting team as the expert in education. In 2013, he wrote Exploiting Children: School Board Members Who Cross the Line. His last 15 years have been as either an Assistant Superintendent in charge of human resources, or as a Superintendent in public school districts. He worked to establish safe and respectful workplaces in his districts and now emphasizes those goals in his consulting practice. He places a high priority on building and maintaining exemplary employee-employer relations. Dr. Spencer is a highly ethical administrator and caring professional. As a problem solver, he shows fellow administrators the benefits of implementing a comprehensive solution to bullying problems. He is able to challenge traditional HR roles and effectively communicates the message that executives must lead the anti-bullying, healthy workplace initiative. He understands the political barriers involved, and thanks to his extensive employee relations and contract negotiating skills, he is able to foster commitment from the multiple constituent groups. Dr. Spencer is also a graduate of the WBI Workplace Bullying University®.

Jessi Eden Brown, MS, LMHC, NCC

Ms. Brown is an experienced Master's-level licensed mental health therapist and the Administrator of the Workplace Bullying Institute. Jessi has spent the past decade developing and directing educational, health, and therapeutic programs. She has an extensive background in curriculum development; policy writing; business auditing; and grant writing, management, and compliance. Jessi has a long-established record of designing and managing successful programs to target organizational goals. She trains staff and management personnel in effective program implementation and evaluation. Since joining Work Doctor, Jessi has coached hundreds of individuals suffering from work stress, trauma, and workplace bullying. She helps leaders acquire essential knowledge about the phenomenon of workplace bullying and develop the relationships they need to ensure sustainability and positive change in the organization. Her skill in dealing with individuals who have demonstrated unacceptable conduct is an essential part of the Work Doctor® Respectful Conduct Clinic service.

Frank Mulcahy, Business Development

Frank Mulcahy is an award-winning entrepreneur, a sales professional and master presenter. In his career, he has anticipated national business trends with his start-up, leading edge technology companies. He developed for employers educational workshops in the dangers of social media and risk exposure from identity theft long before they became household words. Frank's immersion in bullying began with training at Clemson University in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program to minimize bullying among school-age children. Frank attended the WBI Workplace Bullying University® twice to hone his mastery of all facets of adult bullying in the workplace. Frank was asked to join Work Doctor to apply his considerable sales talent to the task of introducing Work Doctor anti-bullying services to employers. He has developed an approach to allow employers to engage Work Doctor in the most affordable way possible.